Finishing Up an Old Project (and other fun stuff)

My focus this weekend is to finish up the linen shift I mentioned in my previous post. All I have left is hemming the bottom. This project is suffering a bit from ‘Just Get It Done’.

Is the hem even? No. Am I going to finish it so it’s done…yes.

I’m shrugging off exactness here because it’s an undergarment and it’s not going to be seen. So who really cares if that bottom hem is uneven and wonky. The garment has its issues anyways because I cut out the pieces a few years back and my size has changed some in that time. It still fits but I’ve had to make some tweaks here and there.

I also know I have another wool tunic that is in pieces. I need to check that out and see where I was and if it is something that is worth finishing (will it still fit me) or if I need to re-evaluate that project. Or see if I can re-adjust or re-use the pieces for something else.

Today I also had the January virtual meeting for the Jane Austen Society of North America – NC (JASNA-NC) which was tons of fun because we did readings of letters within Jane Austen’s novels. So, I got to “dress up” a bit (really, it was just a couple shawls and some white fabric because it’s on Zoom and they’re only seeing the top half anyway). One of the items on my list for this year is to make a Regency outfit and from chatting with some others in the group there is an interest so maybe we’ll have some collaborative efforts. I already have the Laughing Moon pattern for Regency stays. I’m just a bit nervous because I’ve never made stays before and I know I’m going to have to alter them some to fit. Normally, most of the things I make are not close-fitting garments, so it’ll be an adventure!

Dressed up for the reading of Isabella Thorpe’s letter from Northanger Abbey.

Last weekend I decided to start in on my Great Craftroom Reclamation project of 2022. This room is a total disaster area and has been for a few years now. It’s even more of a mess since it also stood in as our WFH area during the pandemic (and still is from time to time). Last weekend I broke down what seemed like 1,000,000 cardboard boxes (I don’t know how they all fit in that space) along with about 5 bags of trash (mostly filling/packaging from said boxes). I already have several piles of things that need to be hauled off to a donation center so my focus this week is to get that stuff donated and start sorting stuff into appropriate “piles”: Sewing, Knitting, Weaving, etc. Then I can see what I have and what storage/access options might be best for what I am dealing with. That process is going to take a while but it should be worth it in the end to have a more functional space.

Just today I also got stuff for a new fun project as well (because apparently, I can’t help myself). It’s an embroidery kit for laid & couched work for a woman spinning on a great wheel from Opus Anglicanum Embroidery (this kit). I haven’t done much of that kind of embroidery so I think it will be fun. Should I start a new embroidery project right now – probably not. Am I going to start a new embroidery project…probably (because it’s shiny and new).

And that’s my week (besides a trip to the ER with 2 kidney stones and a kidney infection – I don’t do things by halves). At least I’m feeling better and thank goodness for modern medicines!

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