About Me

Hello! My name is Cassandra and I describe myself as an “independent scholar” since I’m not currently associated with any educational institutions but I love research and creating things. My primary focus tends to be textile and culinary arts but it’s really whatever catches my fancy. I tend to focus on medieval and early modern Europe but I have been known to have some interest in other time periods and locations.

In 2016, I presented a paper at one of the DISTAFF sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies on the results of my 2014 experiments with the textile stain removing recipes.

I love the fiber arts and I spin both with a hand spindle and wheel, I knit (sometimes rarely crochet), fingerloop braid, tablet weaving (and a small bit of inkle weaving), and I have done a little bit of floor loom and rigid heddle weaving. I also do some sewing, mainly for myself and sometimes my husband.

I also have an interest in the culinary arts. I love looking at old recipes and interpreting them in a modern kitchen. I have done some focus on bread baking and sauces in the middle ages but really, I love all recipes.

In “real life” I am actually the Office Manager of a general contracting company where my unofficial title is ‘Chief Cat Herder’.

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