About Me

Hello! My name is Cassandra and I describe myself as an “independent scholar” since I’m not currently associated with any educational institutions but I love research and creating things. My primary focus tends to be textile and culinary arts but it’s really whatever catches my fancy. I tend to focus on medieval and early modern Europe but I have been known to have some interest in other time periods and locations.

In 2016, I presented a paper at one of the DISTAFF sessions at the International Congress on Medieval Studies on the results of my 2014 experiments with the textile stain removing recipes. That was tons of fun (that conference was a total geek-out fest for me) and also a bit nail-biting (since I’m not a historian for a “real job” and being surrounded by folks in that field was a bit intimidating) but I’m certainly glad I presented.

I love the fiber arts and I spin both with a hand spindle and wheel, I knit (sometimes rarely crochet), fingerloop braid, tablet weaving (and a small bit of inkle weaving), and I have done a little bit of floor loom and rigid heddle weaving. I also do some sewing, mainly for myself and sometimes my husband.

I also have an interest in the culinary arts. I love looking at old recipes and interpreting them in a modern kitchen. I have done some focus on bread baking and sauces in the middle ages but really, I love all recipes.

I am also a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, known there as Mistress Helwynn Ivelchild (or my secondary 16th century persona: Dame Helen Goodechild). I currently reside in the Kingdom of Atlantia (North Carolina in the real world). In the SCA, I am a member of the Order of the Laurel (members of the Order of the Laurel are chosen by the crown after consultation with the Order for great skill in the Arts or Sciences, for their willingness to teach others, and for using their abilities to benefit their kingdom).

In “real life” I am actually the Office Manager of a general contracting company where my unofficial title is ‘Chief Cat Herder’.


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