Early Modern Laundry & Stain Removal Sources

Recipe Sources:

Hugh, Sir, Plat. Delights for Ladies : To Adorn Their Persons, Tables, Closet’s and Distillatories: Tith Beauties, Banquets, Perfumes and Waters. Read, Practise, and Censure. London: Printed By R.W., 1654. PDF file.

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Mascall, Leonard. A Profitable Booke Declaring Dyuers Approoued Remedies, to Take Out Spottes and Staines, in Silkes, Veluets, Linnen and Woollen Clothes [electronic Resource] : With Diuers Colours How to Die Veluets and Sylkes, Linnen and Woollen, Fustian and Threade Also to Dresse Leather, and to Colour Felles. How to Gild, Grauve, Sowder, and Vernishe. and to Harden and Make Softe Yron and Steele. Uery Necessarie for All Men, Specially for Those Which Hath or Shall Haue Any Doinges Therein: With a Perfite Table Hereunto, to Finde All Things Readye, Not the like Reuealde in Englishe Heeretofore. Taken Out of Dutche, and Englished by L.M. London: By Thomas Purfoote, Dwelling In The Newe Rentes, 1588. PDF file.

Ruscelli, Girolamo. The Second Part of the Secretes of Maister Alexis of Piemont, by Hym Collected Out of Diuers Excellent Aucthours, and Newly Translated Out of French into English, with a Generall Table, of All the Matters Contayned in the Sayde Booke. by Willyam Ward. London: By Rouland Hall, For Nicholas Englande, 1563. PDF file.

Ruscelli, Girolamo. The Third and Last Part of the The Secretes of the Reuerend Maister Alexis of Piemont [electronic Resource] : By Him Collected Out of Diuers Excellent Authors, with a Necessary Table in the Ende, Conteyning All the Matters Treated of in This Present Worke. Englished by William Ward. London: By Thomas Dawson, For Iohn Wyght, 1578. PDF file.

Other Sources:

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