How to Remove Grease or Oil Spots from Various Clothing Including White Ones (Pea Water) – 2014

For clarification, this recipe isn’t using urine (pee) but the vegetable pea.  There were a couple recipes for using the water from cooked peas, especially for removing grease and oil stains.  The recipe I choose to use comes from the Allerley Mackel (1532).

How to remove grease or oil spots from various clothing including white ones

Take water from boiled peas, soak the spots therein, and wash thereupon with clean fresh running water; hang it then where the sun shines warmly.  (Translated by Drea Leed.)


  • 1 lbs green peas
  • 1 quart water

Boil for 1 hour and strain peas.  Use this strained water to wash the stains.  Rinse and hang outside in the sun to dry.

pH ~7 (neutral)


The results of this experiment were mixed.  It mostly removed the stains for the mud and blood.  Unfortunately, the one oil stain I applied to the fabric samples (olive oil) rinsed out with the water so I was unable to determine how this treatment method works on grease stains.  I want to try this recipe again on a grease stain that does not rinse out so easily.

A. Olive Oil – Gone

B. Red Wine – OK

C. Mustard Sauce – OK

D. Green Sauce – OK

E. Blood – Mostly gone

F. Mud – Mostly gone

G. Beeswax – Not Good

H. Iron Gall Ink – Not Good


Gone No noticeable trace of stain remaining
Mostly gone The stain has mostly been removed but there is a slight discoloration
OK The stain has been lightened but there is still a noticeable discoloration.
Not Good No change or the stain is still very noticeable.
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