Modern Detergent – 2014

This sample was soaked first in water and then hand-washed and beaten with a laundry bat for a few minutes.  It was treated with 2 Tablespoons of a modern laundry detergent, Purex.

The modern detergent was quite good at removing most of the stains.  The ink stain faded just slightly and the wine stain was still clearly visible.

Stains Applied/Results:

A. Olive Oil – Gone

B. Red Wine – OK 

C. Mustard Sauce – Mostly Gone 

D. Green Sauce – Mostly Gone 

E. Blood – Gone

F. Mud – Mostly Gone 

G. Beeswax – OK 

H. Iron Gall Ink – Not Good


Gone No noticeable trace of stain remaining
Mostly gone The stain has mostly been removed but there is a slight discoloration
OK The stain has been lightened but there is still a noticeable discoloration.
Not Good No change or the stain is still very noticeable.
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